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Excerpt from my new m/m vampire erotica, Twice Bitten!

There was something unnatural about Nicolo’s ability to keep me both half-hard and pissed off beyond all reason, even for a vampire. In any event, I hadn’t had fresh, clean blood in weeks, and the smell of Nicolo’s recent meal had awakened yet another primal urge. My body had made up my mind for me. It had probably been Nicolo’s plan all along.

Hesitantly, I moved closer to Nicolo, sliding my arm around his waist. Up close he was just as gorgeous as ever, especially with that almost-human flush over his face and neck. Evidently he really had fed not too long ago. I pressed my face against his throat, inhaling deeply. The scent was intoxicating, even purer and richer than it had been from a distance. “Who was it?”

“Someone I used to know.” I could hear the smirk in his voice. “Good, isn’t it?”

A twinge of jealousy made its way into the confused ball of emotions resting in the pit of my stomach. Even after this long, it stung to be reminded that he had likely replaced me with a string of other lovers, as had been his nature before he met me. “Someone you used to fuck, more like,” I muttered, still nosing at his neck, searching for the perfect place to bite.

Nicolo chuckled, the sound vibrating through his throat. “Maybe. Were you just planning to get high off my neck and bicker with me?”

I was stalling, and Nicolo knew it. Once I tasted fresh blood, I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep control. The difference between bagged and fresh blood is like the difference between a store-brand cigarette and a Djarum Black–the first just sates the urge for nicotine, the second is an experience unique to itself. I closed my eyes, steeled myself, and bit down.

God, but it was good. Nicolo’s friend was a fine vintage. It was still barely warm, probably not more than an hour or two old, and the taste was leagues above some two-dollar Bloody Mary from the Mad Dog. Already I felt almost dizzy, intoxicated with the rush of drinking something warm and living. My arm tightened on Nicolo’s waist, mostly to prevent myself from falling flat on my ass. I hadn’t taken more than a few swallows, but I was gone.

Nicolo held me steady, letting me lick the wound closed before tucking my head over his shoulder. Some distant part of me was annoyed at having him hold me like this, but I was far too ecstatic to give that part any mind. I felt Nicolo’s fingers curl into my hair, his body leaning heavily against the wall, and realized that he was dizzy from the experience as well. Drinking fresh blood is the pinnacle of vampire existence, but being bitten is almost as good.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, Nadi.” Nicolo’s voice sounded at once very far away and incredibly clear. “I was afraid. Afraid of committing to someone for once. Afraid of Anton coming after me.”

“I know,” I murmured without thinking. Perhaps I’d always known, but it had been easier to hate him. 


I lied.

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Q: What happens when A.J. actually needs to get something done on the computer?

A: Mr. Murphy breaks it.

Okay, so we’re not totally sure whether the Internet outage we suffered last week was actually due to something Mr. Murphy did or if it was just our five-year-old network card’s time to go. He was using the computer at the time so that’s good enough for me. Long story short, we haven’t been able to get online here since last Thursday. Hence the lack of promised tentacles on Amazon and B&N.

The good news is that both are up now! Go here for Kindle or here for Nook!

When busty adventurer Belwyn’s curiosity gets the best of her, she finds herself prisoner in a swamp goblin camp. What punishment does their strangely attractive queen have in mind?

Warning: This 3,693 word short story involves graphic depictions of big tits, vaginal and anal sex with tentacled swamp creatures, and lesbian sex. Not for children under 18, viewer discretion advised, results may vary.

As promised: tentacles!

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Get The Tentacle Queen’s Prisoner on Smashwords!

Other versions should be available by the end of the week!

Unannounced hiatus is over!

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Hello perverts! Miss me? Didn’t think so, but it’s great to be back all the same.

Anywho. The good news is that there’s a new story in the works! It has tentacles, busty fantasy babes, girls kissing, and a little too much world-building for what was supposed to be a porn story–what more could you want? Here’s a teaser to make you all salivate before the full story goes up on Wednesday.

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Free erotica on Smashwords until Monday!

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Nook version and my thoughts on Stroking the Pianist!

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As promised, Stroking the Pianist is now available for the Nook! Behind the cut, my thoughts about the story.

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Stroking the Pianist now available on Kindle and Smashwords!

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B&N is taking a little longer because it has… issues. Stay tuned for the Nook version and my thoughts on this story!


At just eighteen years old, Eric is the pride of his teachers at St. Michael’s Fine Arts Academy. Too bad his skills on the piano don’t also gain the respect of his peers. An ill-tempered loner, Eric isolates himself with his piano. He still secretly wishes for acceptance–especially from his secret crush, sexy ballet student Adele Crawford–but he’s all but given up hope.

What Eric doesn’t know is that Adele has been watching him too… and she likes what she sees. When she hears Eric practicing while stuck in the music building one rainy day, she decides it’s time to take action. How will they occupy themselves while they wait for the rain to stop? Eric’s life will never be the same… and neither will his piano.

Warning: This 3,464-word short story contains graphic depictions of oral and vaginal sex, school uniforms, classical music nerdery, and copious piano abuse. Intended for adults only! 

Get it at Smashwords! A Kindle is fine too!