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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Obligatory introduction and such

I have the worst urge to start this blog off with “Hiya! My name is A.J. and I like whores”:

But for serious, my name is A.J. and I LOVE whores. I’ve been writing erotica for my personal enjoyment for years, but didn’t realize until my friend Clara¬†(who is completely awesomesauce and whose stuff you should read, btw)¬†mentioned it that other people would actually read my stuff, and might even pay money for it! So I’m now taking advantage of the magic of the Internet to self-publish my work on the Kindle (working on getting it on the Nook too, but apparently being a software developer doesn’t actually mean you have to be good with computers…).

Amazon is taking a bit to set up my author page, but in the meantime you can read my only published story so far here:

As a rather nontraditional princess, Bernadette is beginning to doubt that she will ever be truly loved. Can her loyal footman convince her otherwise? Maybe not, but he can at least satisfy her in the meantime.

This self-published short story contains graphic depictions of oral and vaginal sex, as well as light female domination and genderbending themes. Not for those under 18 or the closed-minded.

Check back for more soon!

EDIT: Wait! My author page is up!