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Excerpt from my new erotica, Stroking the Pianist!

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Please enjoy, and watch for the story on Smashwords, Amazon and B&N tomorrow!

“Mmm. You do learn fast,” Adele gasped, parting from him to catch her breath. Eric couldn’t help but feel a twinge of pride at her breathlessness, even if she was by far doing most of the work. That thought, and everything else, was forgotten when she unzipped his pants, drawing a teasing finger down his shaft. “You’re bigger than I expected, too.”


“God!” The swear sprang from his lips unbidden, followed by  a low groan as she wrapped her hand around his cock, stroking him in a slow, easy rhythm. “God, Adele…”


Adele didn’t respond to his blasphemy, instead silencing him with another deep kiss as she gave his cock a light squeeze. Her lips trailed down from his over his chin and neck, pausing there to nip sharply at the skin of his throat. Eric yelped at the unexpected shock of pain, only earning himself another bite as Adele apparently grew frustrated with his noises. “Be quiet. Someone’s going to hear you.”


“Can you blame me?” Keeping quiet was the furthest thing from Eric’s mind at the moment–ironic, given his usual hatred of any outside sounds intruding on his thoughts. The feeling of Adele’s hand on his prick was more intense than his own hand had ever been, on the rare occasions he’d even thought to do such a thing. Sex was purely physical, so completely removed from academia that he’d never felt the need to investigate further. Now, he was just berating himself for the years he’d wasted.


“You’re right. I’m being too hard on you.” Adele’s tone was gentle and almost teasing as she licked over the new bite mark on Eric’s neck, drawing yet another, albeit softer moan from him. Her mouth slipped lower, pausing for a moment just over his heart. “Let me make it up to you?”


About A.J. Murphy

Ashley Jane Murphy is a self-published erotica author and avowed pervert. She prefers writing stories with a darker psychological twist, but isn't above indulging in some cotton-candy sweetness every once in awhile either. By day she is an ordinary software developer, and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

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