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Stroking the Pianist now available on Kindle and Smashwords!

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B&N is taking a little longer because it has… issues. Stay tuned for the Nook version and my thoughts on this story!


At just eighteen years old, Eric is the pride of his teachers at St. Michael’s Fine Arts Academy. Too bad his skills on the piano don’t also gain the respect of his peers. An ill-tempered loner, Eric isolates himself with his piano. He still secretly wishes for acceptance–especially from his secret crush, sexy ballet student Adele Crawford–but he’s all but given up hope.

What Eric doesn’t know is that Adele has been watching him too… and she likes what she sees. When she hears Eric practicing while stuck in the music building one rainy day, she decides it’s time to take action. How will they occupy themselves while they wait for the rain to stop? Eric’s life will never be the same… and neither will his piano.

Warning: This 3,464-word short story contains graphic depictions of oral and vaginal sex, school uniforms, classical music nerdery, and copious piano abuse. Intended for adults only! 

Get it at Smashwords! A Kindle is fine too!


About A.J. Murphy

Ashley Jane Murphy is a self-published erotica author and avowed pervert. She prefers writing stories with a darker psychological twist, but isn't above indulging in some cotton-candy sweetness every once in awhile either. By day she is an ordinary software developer, and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

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