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Nook version and my thoughts on Stroking the Pianist!

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As promised, Stroking the Pianist is now available for the Nook! Behind the cut, my thoughts about the story.

Background for those not in the know: From kindergarten all the way up until college, I was educated in Catholic schools. This experience left me with exactly three things that have stayed with me to this day:


1. An overwhelming contempt for those who claim to be “Catholic” and then spend all their time judging other people for not being Catholic enough, even though the Bible says specifically in Matthew 7:1 not to do that very thing.


2. My husband, whom I met in high school. Yes, we’re sickening high-school sweethearts.  ❤


3. A fetish for school uniforms.


I was kind of a late bloomer, so it wasn’t until mid-high school that I first started to realize other people could be sexually appealing. My high school had a fairly standard Catholic school uniform: pleated plaid skirts for the girls, khaki or black pants for the boys, button-down shirts and neckties for both sexes. I quickly discovered that pleated skirts, even in my school’s nauseating blue and gold color scheme, are absolutely hot on girls–especially when coupled with knee socks and rolled up a couple inches. (Mr. Murphy, upon reading this entry, informed me that anime has a name for this: Zettai Ryouiki. Is there any fetish Japan doesn’t have a name for?)


Stroking the Pianist is my love letter to that awkward period of budding sexuality in my life, with nods to my background in music (I was a music major for a short period before switching to compsci) and the “geek gets the girl” trope I love so much. Hopefully it will appeal to my fellow Catholic school survivors, or at least the perverts that love them. 


About A.J. Murphy

Ashley Jane Murphy is a self-published erotica author and avowed pervert. She prefers writing stories with a darker psychological twist, but isn't above indulging in some cotton-candy sweetness every once in awhile either. By day she is an ordinary software developer, and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

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