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Unannounced hiatus is over!

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Hello perverts! Miss me? Didn’t think so, but it’s great to be back all the same.

Anywho. The good news is that there’s a new story in the works! It has tentacles, busty fantasy babes, girls kissing, and a little too much world-building for what was supposed to be a porn story–what more could you want? Here’s a teaser to make you all salivate before the full story goes up on Wednesday.

Belwyn’s apprehension flew from her mind as the creature curled further up her leg, sliding between her labia. She was totally unprepared for the slick touch against her swollen clit, almost like a tongue if one were so perfectly cool and smooth. She grasped the queen’s shoulders, steadying herself as she tossed her head back in pleasure. “Ah!”

                “Mmm. Good girl.” The queen moved back up to Belwyn’s lips, aligning their bodies. The creature wrapped around her thigh, forcing Belwyn’s legs apart as it slid back and forth between her folds. Belwyn shuddered, wrapping her thighs around the queen’s hips as she was pleasured. More moans easily escaped her, smothered into her mistress’ mouth.

                Another of the swamp-serpent’s tentacles rose from the water, wrapping around both women and pressing them firmly together. The queen was moaning too, rocking against Belwyn rhythmically, and it took Belwyn a moment to realize that she was actually getting fucked by one of those things. It didn’t bother her, so much as it made her jealous her own throbbing cunt wasn’t getting the same treatment. She whined in desperation, immeasurably aroused by the feeling of the queen writhing against her, kept from the brink by the sluggish pace of the tentacle between her legs.

                The queen chuckled in response, her hands gliding over Belwyn’s slick body. Belwyn strained, desperate for something, anything to relieve this pressure. To her displeasure, the queen’s hands only settled on her breasts, cupping and squeezing, thumbs brushing the sensitive nipples. It felt good, but not nearly good enough.

                “Yours are–ah!–bigger than ours,” the queen remarked, in between gasping in pleasure as she bucked against her tentacled lover. “We would be jealous if we were not the only female in our horde.”

                “Yours are beautiful,” Belwyn sighed, reaching up to grasp one in her hand, if only to distract herself from the burning need between her legs. The queen’s skin was slippery with the pond water, but somehow that was more arousing than repulsive now. “Everything about you is beautiful.”

               “We know.” A smile ghosted across the queen’s lips, and she leaned in to give Belwyn another teasingly chaste kiss. “We think you are beautiful as well, if it helps.”

                One of the queen’s hands left Belwyn’s breast, sliding down her stomach to where the tentacle was still rubbing slowly between her legs. Her fingers made their way between Belwyn’s skin and the creature beneath it, two of them shoving roughly inside her. Belwyn was so unimaginably horny by now that the roughness didn’t hurt; she was actually grateful for it. She gasped in pleasure as the queen began to move her fingers, her hand tightening on the queen’s breast in a desperate attempt to steady herself, the other gripping the queen’s shoulder to keep herself afloat. The queen’s thumb found her clit and the gasp turned to a moan…


About A.J. Murphy

Ashley Jane Murphy is a self-published erotica author and avowed pervert. She prefers writing stories with a darker psychological twist, but isn't above indulging in some cotton-candy sweetness every once in awhile either. By day she is an ordinary software developer, and lives in Massachusetts with her husband and three cats.

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